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Steamatic of South Alabama is your all-in-one cleaning and restoration service, assisting more homes and businesses around our community. We offer a variety of different restoration and cleaning services, allowing us to tackle any situation. Steamatic has long been known as tile and carpet cleaning experts, using a powerful steam cleaning machine that extracts all manner of dirt, allergens, and other impurities. The same deep extraction cleaning method is ideal for any building following a disaster, allowing you to get back to normal, fast.

Whatever your home or​ commercial building needs, we can offer better cleaning and storm restoration services fast. Armed with superior steam cleaning equipment and the experienced technicians you can trust, we are always here for any size job that you may have.

Carpet Cleaning

Steamatic was founded on top-quality cleaning services, and today the company is still leading the pack. With Steamatic franchises operating all around the world in 300 different locations, you know you’re trusting your carpet cleaning, flooring, and restoration services to true industry experts.

Our carpet cleaning method releases super-heated water into steam that digs deep onto any carpeted, tile, or other surfaces. From there, stains, odors, and other common issues are broken down before being extracted by our deep-reaching vacuum.

The difference is that our equipment continues to recirculate the heated water, allowing us to continue steaming your flooring and furniture without losing heat. This provides superior sanitation and deodorization as the process kills lingering bacteria and stains.

As stains sit, they become hard and adhesive, making them even more difficult to break down and clean up. Steaming soda, food, and even pet stains first allow us to break them down quickly.

If you are tired of scrubbing tough stains by hand, there is a more comfortable choice! Any carpeted surface in your room can be Steamatic cleaned:


Whole Rooms

Partial Rooms

Area Rugs

Carpet Runners

And other carpeted surfaces

Water Damage Restoration


Fire & Smoke Restoration


Mold Remediation


Tile and Grout Cleaning

Following a major disaster, you may think that you have suffered through the worst of the situation. However, putting your home, your commercial space, or another aspect of life back together is often more complicated than you may think. Because of the growing number of homeowner’s insurance claims, the cost of making your home livable again is on the rise. Worst still is the fact that most insurance policies don’t cover flood damage! Our restoration services are what you need. When you feel like you’re all alone and out of options, Steamatic of South AL is there for you. We offer a large variety of restoration services that are powerful, efficient, and affordable.

Tile and grout stains are no match for your local Steamatic team, either. Tile and grout, as well as other hard flooring surfaces, are porous, allowing the steam to reach down and extract more impurities than sweeping, mopping, or even your home vacuum cleaner can.

Many homeowners think that hard flooring surfaces require harsh chemicals to clean them properly. Not only is this ineffective, but you could wind up discoloring or even damaging your hard floor surfaces in the process.

Instead, our steam cleaning method requires little to no chemicals, removing the risk of leaving floors bleached, warped, or discolored. Carpet cleaning like this is ideal for most areas in any home or office space, including:

  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Laundry Rooms
  • Utility Rooms
  • Break Rooms
  • Storage Spaces
  • And other hard flooring surfaces.

Mopping is ineffective at cleaning tiled surfaces because the dirty water simply spreads around. And if your grout is stained, mopping is not going to restore their color.

For the best way to keep your home looking and smelling fresh and clean, call us for the superior steam floor and carpet cleaning method! We guarantee better cleaning results without the use of harsh, toxic cleaning solutions.

Restoration Services

Fire Damage

In 2015 alone, there were over 365,500 fires across the U.S. Fire damage is a costly endeavor as well, with some cases of restoration costing homeowners as much as $60,000!

Our team offers many fire restoration services that can assist you following a devastating home fire. Call today for:

  • Content Recovery
  • Smoke Damage Restoration
  • Fire Damage Restoration
  • Deodorization
  • Pack Out
  • Board Up
  • And other fire restoration services

Water Damage

​Water damage claims have been the fastest-growing sector of insurance claims above other policy claims. However, typical water damage coverage only covers certain types of damage, and usually not flooding.
From 2011 to 2015, the average monetary loss to homeowners following water damage was over $8,861! Imagine suffering a disaster and then being out of pocket nearly nine grand. Not only is water damage expensive, but it’s all too common. Experts say that as many as 14,000 people suffer from water damage on a daily basis! We offer quick & efficient water damage restoration services, helping you to save more money and have better-personalized service. Call us for the best in local:

  • Water Extraction
  • Dehumidification
  • Carpet and Flooring Restoration
  • Structural Drying
  • And more

Mold and Mildew

Any event that causes above average moisture in your home’s interior creates the risk of mold and mildew growth. Even without water damage, mold and mildew is a constant threat and one that may already be present in your home.Every building will have trace amounts of benign spores. However, when it becomes a health risk or even a structural problem, you may be facing thousands of dollars in repairs.
Detection helps reduce this cost, and our team can find and remove mold and mildew fast. For the best protection for your home, your business, and your family allow us to extract mold and mildew growth.
Our team utilizes the best inspection equipment available to accurately and efficiently detect dangerous areas of mold growth. Once discovered, we use HEPA filtration equipment to extract the source while preventing it from coming back at a microbial level.

Call Today!

​Insurance premiums continue to rise as fire, water, mold, and other damage types become increasingly more common. Before you are faced with a premium spike and costly repairs, choose Steamatic for efficient and affordable carpet cleaning and restoration solutions.

Steamatic: Making Your Choice Easier

Fire Restoration

Many clients ask what a fire restoration team does to bring a home or commercial space back to normal. In short, we remove any and all items harmed by fire damage, including furniture, building materials, and sometimes even tearing down partially consumed walls and floors.

Whatever a fire may have damaged, we completely remove it before working to rebuild and clean the area. This is often a process that takes several steps, including removing the smell and any lingering chemical residue. When you choose us as your fire damage contractor, we understand how important it is to get your life back in order as smoothly and quickly as we can. That is why, when you need an all in-in-one, fire-smoke-damage-restoration service, you need us to assist you.

Smoke Damage

Fires obviously damage everything that they touch, but did you know that smoke can also cause damage? Many homeowners are unaware that large amounts of smoke can actually cause physical damage to the area around it. Smoke doesn’t just cling to walls, ceilings, carpets, and personal belongings. In fact, smoke can cause charring, soot, discoloration, and other harmful effects.We offer comprehensive commercial and home smoke removal services that scrubs away stringent soot and residue to restore your home’s original color. When you have severe smoke damage that won’t go away, you need us to assist you!

Board Ups

Just because the fire has been put out doesn’t mean that you’re quite ready to start the restoration process. We understand that there’s a long list of people and agencies that you have to deal with, including insurance companies, the police, and possibly even the local news.

When your home or commercial building is unsafe to enter due to fire and smoke damage, let Steamatic of South Alabama help you keep the area safe and secure. With proper board up services for residences and commercial spaces, we can help reduce the risk of people or animals coming into an unsafe building. Even minor fire damage can cause massive amounts of structural instability. The very last thing you need is a wall or ceiling to collapse on someone who shouldn’t be inside. Even if you aren’t ready for our team to completely restore your building, we still want to help you. For fast and dependable building board up services, choose us for your needs.

Pack Out Services

Many homeowners think that once the flames have all been put out, that the worst of a fire is over. And more often than not, these people are proven wrong the hard way.

Fire damage leaves homes and commercial spaces vulnerable to caving in later on. Even if it has been days since the fire, there is always a significant chance that the building is just too unstable to remain up.

To best protect your remaining belongings, you need professional pack out services. Our team of expert restoration contractors safely enters the space and will box up anything not damaged by the fire.

Even if you feel hopeless after a blaze, you would be surprised how many things may be in relatively good shape. Often, there’s no reason to assume everything that you owned is gone, and you would be surprised how many belongings we typically find.

Your items are then safely boxed up and stored to prevent any further damage from occurring. By keeping them out of the smoke and fire damaged environment, we can better increase the chance of them still being usable.

When you need to know that your personal items are in good hands, we offer the best in dependable content pack-out and content storage services.

Restoration Cleaning

After a significant disaster, you need help cleaning up your home or office. Our team offers the best in restoration cleaning services in Mobile and Baldwin Counties. Which includes from Gulf Shores to Mobile and Daphne and all the cities in between. Restoration cleaning is much different then maid cleaning service. However, it comes with the added challenge of cleaning up soot, smoke residue, and fire damaged areas. When you’re able to tackle all of these obstacles and still leave a place spotless, you know you offer the best cleaning services around! Call us today to schedule your best cleaning options.


Fire sprinklers, fire hoses, and fire extinguishers can leave behind a ton of moisture. Even after a fire has been put out, a home can be left a hot, humid mess of a building.All of that a dded moisture will eventually seep into the walls, ceilings, carpet, and other hard surfaces. If not handled correctly, you could be facing structural damage, as well as mold and mildew growth.
When you home has recovered from a fire, you need dehumidification services to protect what’s yours. Let us remove lingering moisture and humidity the safe way!

Deodorization Services

Anyone who has spent a few minutes sitting around a campfire can tell you how badly smoke can smell, even days after exposure. Now picture that campfire being set in the center of your living room! After throw everything out. Before taking such drastic measures, let our team offer our best deodorization services. Using a concentrated blend of cleaning solutions, we can help restore your home and remove any lingering odors.

It can be difficult to Find Fire Damage Contractor when faced with the stress of a fire disaster. Because restoration cleaning services is a specialty, many companies can charge a fortune to bring your home or commercial space back to life. However, this can quickly feel like a company is kicking you while you’re down. Fire and smoke restoration is an involved process, but that doesn’t mean that it should have to cost more than your home did! Instead, our team offers prompt, affordable restoration cleaning to give you the best experience possible. We don’t believe in taking advantage of anyone who just went through a house fire, and we always strive to provide the best quality of service to our community. Before you trust anyone with your restoration needs, call the reliable choice today!

The Steam Team

As a local Steamatic franchise, you know that you’re getting quality restoration services at affordable pricing. Steamatic is among the best companies for home and commercial restoration, and we strive to bring their dependable to the greater Mobile, AL, areas. Ahmed with a variety of cleaning, construction, and restoration tools and cleaners and the experience that you can depend on each time, we will do our best to get your home or office back in order quickly. No matter how bad a fire may have been, we’ve already seen and restored worse situations.

When you need a restoration cleaning company that can trust, you need Steamatic of South Alabama. Call today for a free quote or to get your home back to normal fast.

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  • Holy Cow!  Steamatic cleaned my house and water damage like it was nobody's business.  I highly recommend them.

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