One of the biggest fears for more homeowners is facing a house fire. However, anyone that has been through one can tell you that putting the blaze out is only the first step.

Fires are fought using water straight from the hydrant. When your home catches fire, you’re facing water damage, smoke damage, and fire damage to clean up later.

This is no easy task, and certainly not one you can trust to just anyone. That is why, for the best choice in complete fire damage cleanup, you need Steamatic of South AL.

Our team offers the best in complete fire damage restoration Mobile and Baldwin County, including smoke and soot cleanup. Whatever your home has been through, we offer fast, affordable, and in-depth fire damage repair and restoration.

We strive to do our best to return your home to as close to the condition it was before the fire. Our team is specially made up of experienced construction and restoration contractors who know how to put a home together fast.

It isn’t just the damage caused by fires that homeowners have to worry about. And yet, it seems as if most restoration companies only focus on fire damage

Instead, we offer total fire restoration services that include smoke clean up and water damage services. For the best in affordable home restoration, choose us for the best results possible.

Overview of Fire Services

Whether you are looking for commercial fire damage restoration or top services for your home, we offer it all for less. We strive to assist more residents of Mobile & Baldwin counties to get their lives back on track the simple way.

No matter what your home or office needs for restoration, we offer the best cleaning services around. Choose our team today for the very best in local:

Whatever your home or commercial space needs, we offer the best in convenient and affordable services. Call today for your best fire damage restoration contractor!

Fire Restoration

Many clients ask what a fire restoration team does to bring a home or commercial space back to normal. In short, we remove any and all items harmed by fire damage, including furniture, building materials, and sometimes even tearing down partially consumed walls and floors.

Whatever a fire may have damaged, we completely remove it before working to rebuild and clean the area. This is often a process that takes several steps, including removing the smell and any lingering chemical residue.

When you choose us as your fire damage contractor, we understand how important it is to get your life back in order as smoothly and quickly as we can. That is why, when you need an all in-in-one, fire-smoke-damage-restoration service, you need us to assist you.

Smoke Damage

Fires obviously damage everything that they touch, but did you know that smoke can also cause damage? Many homeowners are unaware that large amounts of smoke can actually cause physical damage to the area around it.

Smoke doesn’t just cling to walls, ceilings, carpets, and personal belongings. In fact, smoke can cause charring, soot, discoloration, and other harmful effects.

We offer comprehensive commercial and home smoke removal services that scrubs away stringent soot and residue to restore your home’s original color. When you have severe smoke damage that won’t go away, you need us to assist you!

Board Ups

Just because the fire has been put out doesn’t mean that you’re quite ready to start the restoration process. We understand that there’s a long list of people and agencies that you have to deal with, including insurance companies, the police, and possibly even the local news.

When your home or commercial building is unsafe to enter due to fire and smoke loss, let Steamatic of South AL help you keep the area safe and secure. With proper board up services for residences and commercial spaces, we can help reduce the risk of people or animals coming into an unsafe building.

Even minor fire damage can cause massive amounts of structural instability. The very last thing you need is a wall or ceiling to collapse on someone who shouldn’t be inside.

Even if you aren’t ready for our team to completely restore your building, we still want to help you. For fast and dependable building board up services, choose us for your needs.

Pack Out Services

Many homeowners think that once the flames have all been put out, that the worst of a fire is over. And more often than not, these people are proven wrong the hard way.

Fire destruction leaves homes and commercial spaces vulnerable to caving in later on. Even if it has been days since the fire, there is always a significant chance that the building is just too unstable to remain up.

To best protect your remaining belongings, you need professional pack out services. Our team of expert restoration contractors safely enters the space and will box up anything not damaged by the fire.

Even if you feel hopeless after a blaze, you would be surprised how many things may be in relatively good shape. Often, there’s no reason to assume everything that you owned is gone, and you would be surprised how many belongings we typically find.

Your items are restored when possible, then safely boxed up and stored to prevent any further damage from occurring. By keeping them out of the smoke and fire damaged environment, we can better increase the chance of them still being usable. When you need to know that your personal items are in good hands, we offer the best in dependable content packout and content storage services.

Restoration Cleaning

After a significant disaster, you need help cleaning up your home or office. Our team offers the best in restoration cleaning services from Daphne, AL to Mobile, AL.

Restoration cleaning is much like typical maid cleaning service. However, it comes with the added challenge of cleaning up soot, smoke residue, and fire damaged areas.

When you’re able to tackle all of these obstacles and still leave a place spotless, you know you offer the best cleaning services around! Call us today to schedule your best cleaning options.

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