Tile & Grout Cleaning

Residential cleaning services usually focus on dusting and vacuuming. But who can you call for hard surface cleaning service?

Many cleaning companies would prefer not to clean hard floors as they typically must be washed by hand. As a result, they may refer you to a dedicated grout cleaning company.

Instead, when you need a hard surface cleaner that offers a better purification, you need Steamatic of South Alabama. We’re the top choice in local hard surface cleaning, extending better sanitation to more hard surface areas.

Hard surfaces need proper sterilization from time to time. As we enter our homes from the outside, there’s no telling just what you’re tracking in with you.

That is why you need someone other than just a home washing service assisting you. We do whatever it takes to keep your hard surfaces clean, short of full-on ablution.

If you’re tired of continually brushing your tile to no avail, you need us to help you. Our team cleaning technique is the fast, dependable way for deodorizing and disinfecting hard surfaces.

Tile & Grout Steam Cleaning

Usually, scrubbing tiles simply isn’t enough to lift stubborn stains or smells. Scouring may work if you have the patience for cleaning with scalding water by hand.

Instead, you could have us give your hard surfaces the best quality of care possible. Our steam cleaning process makes fast work of any surface, and it’s more efficient than any other method.

Sweeping is ineffective because of the porous surface of many tile types. This makes tidying an endless battle as the dust and dirt simply remain trapped.

The hot steam of our machine frees up more dust and dirt, allowing us to vacuum it up quickly. In no time at all, your tile flooring will like they’re brand new again!

Another reason that tiled surfaces remain looking old and dirty is that the grout between tile panels traps stains as well. Most scrub brushes don’t reach between where this grout is, allowing it to stay stained for longer.

By using our steaming process, the heated vapor reaches down between each tile, releasing more stains from both surfaces. These are then sucked away with damaging or discoloring your hard flooring.

Best of all, the process is even faster than mopping, and it achieves better results. The hot steam quickly dries, allowing you to use your kitchens, bathrooms, and other rooms with hard surface flooring faster than with any other method.

Whenever you need your tiles, grout, and other hard surface areas cleaned, leave them all to your favorite local steam cleaners. We offer fast, reliable service and affordable pricing on all of our best cleaning services for your home.

When other cleaners can’t restore your tiles, or you’re tired of scrubbing floors, choose the convenient choice in mobile steam cleaning. You’ll be amazed at how many stains we can take care of for you!

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